Newsman John Beard Will Be Back for ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4

We’ve already learned that beloved Arrested Development characters like Barry Zuckerkorn, Lucille 2, and Ann Veal are returning for the new season in the spring, but what about some of the show’s minor characters? John Beard, a real-life newsman who played the Bluths’ local anchorman throughout Arrested Development’s run, confirms to Splitsider that he’ll be back for season four. “I will tell you from what I’ve seen so far they may be even funnier than before!” says Beard, who didn’t give any more details. Beard, who was the real local Fox news guy in Southern California during Arrested Development’s run, appeared in 15 episodes of the show, the most for any recurring character (he’s tied with Henry Winkler’s Barry Zuckerkorn). On Arrested Development, Beard proved to have surprisingly impressive comedic timing. Hit the jump for his best moment from the show, a ‘70s flashback in which he introduces his viewers to a new coffee drink called a “cup-a-keeno.”

Newsman John Beard Will Be Back for ‘Arrested […]