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Sorry, Next Season’s Newsroom Ends Before the Petraeus Scandal

Creator Aaron Sorkin at
Photo: Vera Anderson/Getty Images

Today in Missed Opportunities or Small Miracles, depending on your enthusiasm for spectacle: Aaron Sorkin tells Newsweek that season two of The Newsroom just barely missed its chance to cover the Petraeus sex scandal. “Frankly it’s a story I would love to take on,” he says, for all the usual Shakespearean reasons. “Unfortunately season 2 of The Newsroom, which began shooting this week, our timeline literally ends the day before the Petraeus story broke, and I can’t include it. Otherwise, I would go there.” We’re not telling Aaron Sorkin how to run his show (in this post, anyway), but we would happily trade a Romney-47 percent tirade for some shirtless FBI agent hijinx.  It’s not even like he’ll have to do that much writing; the email jokes already wrote themselves. 

Newsroom Season Two Ends Before Petraeus Scandal