Peter Serafinowicz Is Writing His Own ‘King of Comedy’ and a ‘Look Around You’-esque Movie

UK comedy great Peter Serafinowicz told Digital Spy about several promising movie projects he’s currently working on. The first is a film “about a stand-up comedian who kills a heckler” that Serafinowicz hopes to star in. He explains, “I’m sort of writing it for myself. When you’re an actor, I just hate waiting around for people to decide that they want me… everything takes 20 times longer than it does in television and 2,000 times longer than making something for the internet.” Serafinowicz noted that the film is similar to Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy, saying, “That is one of my favorite, favorite things. It owes a lot to that I think, but it’s got its own weird thing going.” He also shared that he’s been developing a movie with his Look Around You cohort Robert Popper: “it wouldn’t necessarily be a Look Around You film but certainly in that world that we both inhabit. We still love living in this world.” Finally, Serafinowicz is co-writing a film based on his character Brian Butterfield from his self-titled sketch show, so all of that should give you more than enough Peter Serafinowicz stuff to look forward to.

Peter Serafinowicz Is Writing His Own ‘King of Comedy’ […]