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Sally Field Just As Method As Daniel Day-Lewis, She Says

Photo: Dreamworks

Daniel Day-Lewis (predictably) got so into his role as Abraham Lincoln that he was texting in character, but his Lincoln co-star Sally Field says she immersed herself in her part just as much. “Listen: People don’t know what method is. I am method!” she tells MovieFone. “Daniel and I work exactly the same way. I always stay in character,” she says. “You can’t go in and out of it. You have to stay in it, talk with the accent, you have to stay there. I have always done that,” she explains, though it might have escaped notice. “I’ve never had the guts or whatever to ask the people to participate in it with me,” Field says. “I don’t tell people because they’ll think I’m a lunatic or hard to get along with.” Just like people thought about Mary Todd Lincoln!

Sally Field Just As Method As Daniel Day-Lewis