The WGA Tells Members to Stop Writing for Certain Comedy Central Shows

The Writers Guild of America, West sent out a letter to members yesterday, urging them to stop writing for specific Comedy Central shows that are violating the WGA’s regulations. While the letter didn’t mention which specific shows are breaking the rules, the union said Comedy Central’s production company, called Central Productions, hired writers on over two dozen new projects without making deals with the WGA for said writers. Here’s an excerpt from the WGA letter, via The LA Times:

“No other major entertainment company has treated writers and their Guild so cavalierly. It is never easy to ask a fellow member to stop working. We understand all too well that such a call comes with the real possibility of personal sacrifice. We do not do it lightly. But the principle that we work, all of us, under a contract with certain basic protections that may not be undercut and that may not be re-negotiated, member-by-member and case-by-case, is the cornerstone of our strength.”

Comedy Central released a statement saying, “We’re continuing to move forward on our negotiations with the Writers Guild and are hopeful that we’ll come to an agreement soon.” Any guesses as to what these union-violatin’ Comedy Central shows are? The letter mentions that they’re new (presumably upcoming) series, but Brickleberry feels like even its writer-hiring practices are morally bankrupt.

The WGA Tells Members to Stop Writing for Certain […]