Today in ‘Arrested Development’: Michael Cera Is a Writer This Season and Lupe Will Be Back

Recurring Arrested Development guest stars like Henry Winkler, Liza Minnelli, and Carl Weathers have all confirmed they’re going to be a part of the new season, which is allegedly coming your way via Netflix in April. I exchanged emails today with another Arrested regular, B.W. Gonzalez, who played Lucille’s put-upon housekeeper Lupe in all three seasons of the show, to find out if she’s coming back too. Gonzalez confirmed that she’s appearing in at least one new episode in Season 4, which she filmed in September. Gonzalez is enthusiastic about the quality of the new season, writing  “IMHO - the writing is even better than before and the creative team, headed by Mitchell Hurwitz, is amazing.”

Gonzalez also dropped a big bombshell, saying “One of the newest writers for the show happens to be Michael Cera.” Prior to this, Cera’s only professional writing experience has been co-scripting his and Clark Duke’s hilarious 2006 web series “Clark and Michael.” So, basically, Michael Cera is right on track to become his generation’s Ron Howard, and the new season of AD continues to sound more and more promising with every update that comes in.

Today in ‘Arrested Development’: Michael Cera Is a […]