UK Panel Show ‘Have I Got News for You?’ Is Coming to the US

Have I Got News for You?, a comedic UK panel show, has been a staple of British television since it was launched 22 years ago, and now producer Jimmy Mulville is attempting to bring it to the US, according to UK comedy blog Such Small Portions. If the satirical program gets picked up, it’ll make use of politicians from both parties as guests. Mulville shot off two tweets yesterday, saying, “Just landed in NY to make a pilot of HIGNFY for US TV. We’ve got host and team captains. All we need now are two guests for Friday” and “Wonder if Mitt Romney might be unexpectedly free on Friday? #fingerscrossed.” The Daily Mail reports that NBC is the network behind the adaptation, but they may be getting it mixed up with a pilot NBC tried in 2009. The producers are hopeful of landing British actor Damian Lewis, known to US audiences for starring in Homeland, as host. For more on the genre of British panel shows, which are primed to invade our shores,  check out this handy guide we ran last year so that you’ll be ready to see Mitt Romney accidentally offend a bunch more British people in a few months.

Update (11/9): According to Jimmy Mulville’s Twitter, the pilot is for TBS and not for NBC as The Daily Mail had reported.

UK Panel Show ‘Have I Got News for You?’ Is Coming to […]