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Watch Vulture’s Twilight Horniness Focus Group

The final installment of the Twilight saga comes out this Friday, and if you’re a Twi-hard, you’re well aware of that fact. But as this hypothetical Twi-hard, are you still as horny for the Twilight movie saga as you were when it first kicked off in 2008? Has it plateaued? Is it a bell curve? In this video, Vulture’s Julie Klausner fearlessly investigates the oscillating arousal level of five female Twilight fans over the span of the movie series’ four year run. Are women hornier, less horny, or equally as horny as they’ve ever been for this vampire story of babies and werewolves and The Volturi and the Pacific Northwest and other things? Only this Twilight Horniness Focus Group will get to the bottom of that question. Erotically.

Vulture’s Twilight Horniness Focus Group