Watch an Exclusive Clip of the Most Surreal Scene in Holy Motors

Leos Carax’s Holy Motors is one of the most acclaimed films of the year, and while watching it, you might feel like you’re getting several different films in one, since it follows a mysterious protagonist (played by Denis Lavant) through a series of wildly different vignettes. Sometimes, Lavant will don a disguise to play a sewer dweller kidnapping supermodel Eva Mendes; later in the film, looking far more human, he’ll accompany Kylie Minogue through a musical number in an abandoned building. But the most surreal sequence in an already super-surreal movie? It’s got to be the one that Vulture has an exclusive clip of today, in which Lavant puts on a dot-studded motion-capture outfit and begins a series of martial arts acrobatics in the nearly wordless dark. Eventually, his similarly attired female counterpart arrives … and let’s just say that what ensues has got to be one of the most distinctive sex scenes of the year (or any year). But for that part, you’ll have to see the film, out now.

Watch an Exclusive Clip From Holy Motors