We Discovered Robert Pattinson’s Nervous Tic: The Talk-Show Water Sip

Robert Pattinson is awkward. We know this from watching his many awkward talk-show appearances. He laughs nervously. He fidgets. He pulls at his hair. But if there’s a tell that Robert Pattinson is an incredibly uncomfortable person, it’s his drinking habits: The guy can’t sit through an interview without grabbing for his coffee mug every other second. He reaches for it when he makes a joke, when he’s asked a question, when he laughs, when he breathes. He reaches for it so much that by the time his segment is over, we’re fairly certain his mug is empty and he’s merely pretending to drink. Charming? Sure. But also pretty silly. And so for your amusement, we put together some of Pattinson’s thirstiest moments. (Drink it all in, Twi-hards, because the end of your franchise is near.)

We Discovered Robert Pattinson’s Nervous Tic