From Homeland to Nashville: When TV Characters Should Kiss, in Chart Form

Here at Vulture, we are pro-kissing. Sherlock and Watson, yes. Carrie and Brody on Homeland, yes. Carrie and Quinn on Homeland, also yes. TV is full of characters we wish would just smooch already. Here are some charts to help explain the perfect time for the eventual — destined! perfect! — lip locks.

She’s the ex-CIA officer with a murky record and a too personal attachment to the case. He’s the gruff, salty investigator who likes to play the bad cop. Together, Carrie and Quinn are slowly, slowly replacing Carrie and Brody as Homeland’s most should-they-shouldn’t-they couple. As soon as they have one full unit of begrudging respect, it’s time to kiss.

The Good Wife
It’s time. Things were too complicated for Alicia and Will, and Peter’s such a scumbag. Kalinda’s too closed off with her FBI girlfriend and gets in disturbing drag-out physical fights with her shitty husband. It’s staring you in the face, ladies! Get a few drinks and see where things go.

New Girl
Nick and Jess on New Girl are good for each other. Not in a romantic way, necessarily, but they rehabilitate one another — she by encouraging him to lead a more engaged life, and he by encouraging her to acknowledge the full spectrum of human emotions. They should have a series of what-are-we-doing kisses every so often, without ever really getting together. Ultimately, they’re better off as friends, but they need to get some of this sexual tension out of their systems.

You can only sigh and sing so much before we demand a kiss. Rayna and Deacon on Nashville, we cannot wait forever.

The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project spends a lot of time talking about rom-coms, yet it pretends like we don’t know the most popular romantic plot of all time: Antagonists realize they love each other. Mindy might be the series’ ostensible heroine, and Danny might be its resident grouch, but they’re on opposite affection trajectories right now. Just kiss, and let’s get this show on the road.

When TV Characters Should Kiss, in Chart Form