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The Wiggiest Hair of the Twilight Franchise

Photo: Kimberley French/? 2008 Summit Entertainment. All rights reserved.

All so-bad-they’re-good things must come to an end, and so it goes with the hairpieces of the Twilight series now that the final movie, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, is finally upon us. BDP2 introduces at least two dozen new characters, each with their own questionable wigs and hair-don’ts, but let’s not forget this franchise’s early pioneers in hair WTFery, either. (Fortunately, the final closing credits sequence gives each minor and major player in the series their own title card, and it’s like an In Memoriam montage crossed with an enthusiastically misguided hair show.) Here, then, is a brief walk through eleven of the most unique looks ever served up by the cast of Twilight. Don’t forget, these vampires can actually see their reflection in a mirror, so they’ve got no excuse.

Congratulations, Ashley Greene: You are the male lead in every Final Fantasy game.

Don’t give Tyra any ideas, lady on the right. This is so what she’s going to wear when first greeting/scaring the new contestants in next season’s Top Model premiere.

You know how the day before Halloween, you still haven’t thought of your costume, but you do remember that you have a wig in your closet from three Halloweens ago, and maybe you could use it again, but where is it, oh, why is it on the floor underneath all these old clothes, was it there for three years, hmm, it looks different, why does it look burned, what is this even made out of, did someone get all this hair from the mane of a My Little Pony bought for $1.99 on eBay? We bring this up only because you can find a lot of good deals on eBay if you know where to look and you’re very savvy.

Photo: Doane Gregory/? 2009 Summit Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Calm down, Merida.

Photo: Kimberley French/? 2008 Summit Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Carlisle, gurl, we can see that lace-front. Blend it. Blend it.

“Wigmaster, can you get us something from Raquel Welch’s Lady and the Tramp collection for Disney?”

After cutting her hair to capture Joan Jett’s short shag in The Runaways, Kristen Stewart joined the ranks of the bewigged for Eclipse, where her suddenly volumized hair went full Zolciak.

Photo: Photo by Kimberley French/? 2009 Summit Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Wait. No. This is full Zolciak.

Totally normal hair, doing things that hair normally does, looking the way hair normally looks.

1. Remove three layers of clothing and they could shoot a Skinemax film in that cabin.
2. Cut their hair by six inches and they could be Fox News anchors.

Never forget. Never. Forget.

The Wiggiest Hair of the Twilight Franchise