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World War Z Trailer: Brad Pitt Versus the Walking Dead

The biggest threat posed by World War Z may not be the zombies overrunning the world and threatening Brad Pitt and his family; instead, it’s the behind-the-scenes drama that has put the movie into the danger zone, including a major reshoot and a frosty relationship between Pitt and his director. Still, none of that matters if the studio can put together an effective piece of marketing, and the new World War Z trailer does a good, unsettling job of setting up the zombiepocalypse (always certain to bring traffic to a standstill, it seems) and the devastation that follows, like fast-moving zombies piling onto each other like ants to surmount giant walls. Run, Brad Pitt! But do so while attired with an attractively askew scarf, if possible!

World War Z Trailer: Brad Pitt vs. Walking Dead