A Young Judd Apatow Might’ve Been Duped by LeVar Burton

Photo: Getty Images, Patrick McMullan

Before becoming a comedy super-producer, Judd Apatow was a young, impressionable USC student. On this week’s episode of the podcast “Comedy Bang! Bang!,” Apatow explained a time when he was duped:

“Once I went [in on] a pyramid scheme when I was in college. I invested $2,000 because my friend said he invested 2,000 and instantly got like 6,000 back… So we went to this house that was kind of half under construction, half completed and the person that gave the speech saying how a great thing this was was LeVar Burton.”

Then, after a brief moment of contemplation, Apatow added: “Actually, now that I look back at it: maybe it was a guy pretending to be LeVar Burton.” What is weirder: that it took Apatow twenty years to realize it might’ve been a Burton impostor, or that LeVar Burton would mastermind a pyramid scheme? A man can’t survive on a PBS salary alone.

A Young Judd Apatow Duped by LeVar Burton?