‘30 Rock’ Wraps Production with Tracy Morgan Singing Songs from ‘Thriller’

The 30 Rock cast and crew finished shooting the series finale Wednesday night after working together on seven seasons of the critically-acclaimed show. Kevin Brown, who plays Dot Com on the show, tweeted this picture (embedded at its full size below) of the 30 Rock gang all together one last time. Tina Fey tells Zap2it about the last day of filming: “Last night there was a delay and as happens every time in seven years it ended up with Tracy [Morgan] singing songs from Thriller. It was the same three Michael Jackson songs so many times. Last night, it turned into an impromptu break dance party.” 30 Rock’s final season still has five episodes left, with the two-part finale set to air January 31st.

Hit the jump for a collection of photos from the last day of shooting Wednesday and the wrap party (complete with elaborate cakes) last night posted by Kevin Brown:

Photo credit: Kevin Brown

‘30 Rock’ Wraps Production with Tracy Morgan Singing […]