Alan Spencer Guides You Through Marty Feldman’s Directorial Career

Here’s Sledge Hammer and Bullet in the Face creator Alan Spencer guiding you through the short-lived directorial career of wildly-talented, bug-eyed British comedian Marty Feldman for Joe Dante’s website Trailers from Hell. You might know Marty Feldman best for his role as Igor in Mel Brooks’s Young Frankenstein, but the guy was also an acclaimed comedy writer/director who got screwed over by Hollywood when it came to his work behind the camera. Spencer discusses Feldman’s mistreated movies In God We Tru$t (in the above video) and The Last Remake of Beau Geste (after the jump). If you want to hear about Marty Feldman setting up a lemonade stand outside his office at Universal Studios to make money off of tourists or Andy Kaufman and Richard Pryor crying together on a movie set, this is the place to go.

Alan Spencer Guides You Through Marty Feldman’s […]