Barbra Streisand Sort of Remembers The Hangover

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen co-star in The Guilt Trip, about a mother and son duo who hit the road together. In the movie, they bicker. In real life, they have this actual exchange with a reporter from the New York Times:

Streisand: In life I’m not a prude. In film I’m still a prude. Like when I saw that movie, Hangover, with the guy, Javalopolis?

Rogen: Zach Galifianakis.

Streisand: Galafanakinis?

Rogen: Galifianakis.

Streisand: He was naked in the elevator, and I heard later it was not his real thing. But everybody thinks it’s his real thing.

Rogen: So what’s the difference? [Laughs.]

Streisand Well, that’s the advice I’m going to give you: Don’t stoop so low.

Somewhere, a man named Javalopolis got his hopes up for nothing.

Barbra Streisand Sort of Remembers The Hangover