Ben Stiller Producing a Michael Ian Black Family Sitcom for ABC

Ben Stiller’s company Red Hour Productions is developing a new family sitcom pilot for ABC, starring and is written by Michael Ian Black, Vulture reports. The show, called You’re Not Doing It Right, is based on Black’s memoir of the same name, which was released earlier this year. Executive produced by Stiller and Black, it’s a comedy about modern marriage and parenting set in Connecticut, where Black and his family reside in real life. ABC has a script commitment to the project, meaning that they’re not yet obligated to produce a pilot or to order the project to series, but given Stiller and Black’s industry clout and ABC’s success with family sitcoms, this seems like a strong contender for Fall 2013. So, set those Fall 2013 TiVos, everybody!

Ben Stiller Producing a Michael Ian Black Family […]