Update: Benedict Cumberbatch Says His Star Trek Into Darkness Character Isn’t a Classic

Who are you supposed to be, Cumberbatch!?!? Photo: Paramount Pictures

After the release of the first Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, there’s been a lot of speculation over who Benedict Cumberbatch is supposed to be playing. (You know how it is? Nerds be speculatin’.)  Is he Gary Mitchell? Khan!? Yesterday, in an interview with Access Hollywood, C-batch addressed the rumors: “I play a character called John and not that other name.” He went on to describe John Harrison as a “terrorist” and not a “two-dimensional cookie cutter villain.” Not surprisingly, many fans don’t believe him and think he and/or director J.J. Abrams made up John Harrison as a way of not spoiling the film’s big reveal. This secret plan sounds both unlikely and exactly like something Abrams would do.

Update: As can be seen in the video below, in his interview with Access Hollywood (via TrekMovie), Zachary Quinto accidentally mentions Khan when trying to say Nero, the villain from the first film. Was this just an accident? Does Quinto have Khan on the brain because that’s who Cumberbatch is actually playing? Was it intentional and part of J.J. Abrams’s master plan to build buzz?

Cumberbatch Reveals His Star Trek Character