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How Satisfying Were This Year’s Musical Comebacks?

From Unsatisfying to Satisfying:

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His live performances were promising, but we’re still waiting for that perpetually delayed third album. And for a look at his abs.
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No Doubt
Sales for the band’s first album in eleven years weren’t great, but the real downer was the video for “Looking Hot,” which was pulled from YouTube for its stereotypical depiction of Native Americans.
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The Beach Boys
The first and only rule for mounting a Beach Boys reunion tour: Invite Brian Wilson. Mike Love broke it.
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Ben Folds Five
No offense to the Five—who released their first album in over a dozen years—but did Ben Folds ever really leave us? (Only briefly, between three solo albums and an a cappella reality show.)
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If you wanted a new Soundgarden album, King Animal probably hit the spot. But who wanted it?
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Thanks to new resurrection technology, the creepily awesome highlight of Coachella 2012 was a rapper who died in 1996.
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Two great new songs and a career-spanning boxed set were better than nothing. But a new album, or at least some U.S. shows, would be nice next year.
Fiona Apple
A fantastic new album; a weird, wonderful tour (cut short by the illness of her pit bull); and a high-profile pot bust—that’s the Triple Crown of musical comebacks. Welcome back, Fiona.
How Satisfying Were 2012’s Musical Comebacks?