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How The Goonies’ Chunk and More Would Sound As Walking Dead Zombies

The Walking Dead’s sound guys seemingly have had more carte blanche in the zombie gurgle/grunt/moan/chew department this season — we’re hearing louder and more expressionistic undead mutterings and loud chewing than ever. (TWD showrunner Glenn Mazzara told us that this gross soundtrack is created in the sound booth by having “three or four people circling a microphone making those noises. They circle for quite some time.”) These evil slurping grumbles and chompings have become our new favorite unintelligible noise, and so we wanted to hear how they sounded coming out of some of our old favorite movie and TV mushmouths. Watch on to see how different chewers, growlers, and retchers such as The Goonies’ Chunk, Charlie Brown’s teacher, Sesame Street’s Yip Yip aliens, and more sound when given zombie voice lessons.

Walking Dead Zombie Sounds Work for Everyone