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Last Night on Late Night: Hugh Jackman Has Gangnam Style Down

Last night on The Tonight Show, Hugh Jackman schooled Jay Leno on his Gangnam Style moves. Surely, Wolverine’s one-on-one lesson with Psy helped, but Jackman has serious rhythm. Leno, on the other hand…. Plus: Guess what Happy Endings’s Zachary Knighton was doing two nights ago. Staking out his raided chicken coop for bandit raccoons under the instruction of his awesome Asian father-in-law (who was also at Jimmy Kimmel Live). They had even suited up in full-on combat (?) gear, per the presented photo. Also, Armie Hammer and Conan engaged in the least intimidating pretend shoot-out; and Kristen Stewart visited The Daily Show, the scene of the famous Team RPatz ice cream pity party. But both Stewarts played it cool, sticking to her dance number in On The Road. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Hugh Jackman Has Gangnam Style Down