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John Slattery and Zach Gilford on In Our Nature, Meeting Dwyane Wade, and Zach’s Potential Mad Men Cameo

We once thought only in our dreams would Roger Sterling play father to Matt Saracen. But In Our Nature is as close as we’ll get for now. The film, which opens today in New York and Austin, stars John Slattery and Zach Gilford as an estranged father and son who, unbeknownst to each other, both head up to the family cabin with their respective girlfriends at the same time. Slattery’s character Gil and Vicky (Gabrielle Union) show up as Gilford’s Seth and Andie (played by Jena Malone) are about to enjoy some cabin coitus, and that’s only the beginning of the awkwardness. We caught up with the guys recently and learned about how they passed the time together in the woods for a month during filming (Union’s boyfriend Dwyane Wade visited and lost to Gilford in Words With Friends) and whether we’ll ever see the two reunite on Mad Men.

Video: Slattery and Gilford on In Our Nature