Judd Apatow Is Writing a Play About the Criminal Justice System

GQ has an excellent profile on writer/producer/director/King of Hollywood Comedy Judd Apatow out today. In it, Judd Apatow discusses his ambitions to branch out and write a play about the criminal justice system:

“I have a great idea. Maybe like the best idea I’ve ever had,” [Apatow] says. “It requires me to create characters and situations that have absolutely nothing to do with my experience.”When he reveals the idea, off the record, I can see what he means. The subject matter (all he’ll let me say about it is “It’s about victims of the criminal-justice system and the challenges they face”) is unlike anything he’s tackled before. It’s not remotely autobiographical. It’s complicated, relevant, political even. “I am excited to write something which has a social conscience,” he e-mails me later when I push him to reveal more. “That is not something I have attempted before, and I hope I am up for the challenge.”Will it be funny? “I don’t know yet,” he says. “I think it will. But it might stop being funny.”

So, are you ready for a serious Judd Apatow Broadway play? It’s a surprising next chapter for the acclaimed writer/director; we’ll just see if it does end up happening. Apatow has been attending the theater lately, recently confessing on Twitter to being the one who threw up on the orchestra during a Broadway production of Grace starring Paul Rudd. I refuse to believe that that tweet was a joke.

Judd Apatow Is Writing a Play About the Criminal […]