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Kim Gordon Just Couldn’t Keep Up With Gossip Girl

Kim Gordon. Photo: Jimi Celeste/Patrick McMullan

Kim Gordon may have officiated the nuptials between Rufus and Lily on Gossip Girl, but don’t expect her to know that the marriage was annulled once Bart Bass came back from the dead (a trick he won’t be pulling twice, after Monday’s penultimate episode). When Vulture caught up with the Sonic Youth musician at the third season premiere of Portlandia last night, we quizzed her about whether she’d be watching the show’s last gasp next Monday. Despite having once been a fan, she didn’t know whether the show was still on or coming to an end. “Is Gossip Girl still going? Or is this the final season?” she asked. “I felt like I couldn’t [keep up]. There were other TV series competing for my attention,” such as The Killing’s Danish inspiration, Forbrydelsen, which she calls “a million times better.” Now that she’s aware GG is almost over, Gordon says she’ll eventually catch up on her missed episodes “when it’s off the air.” “I feel like I’ve missed so much!” she said. “Maybe I’ll watch the finale.”

Kim Gordon Couldn’t Keep Up With Gossip Girl