Matt Albie and Danny Tripp, Together Again: Bradley Whitford Is Coming to ‘Go On’ for a ‘Studio 60’ Reunion

Bradley Whitford, who starred with Matthew Perry on Aaron Sorkin’s short-lived but much-loved backstage SNL(ish) drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, is guest starring on an upcoming episode of Perry’s current series Go On, the actor revealed on Twitter yesterday. Little is known about Whitford’s character on the show, besides the fact that he’ll be sharing a hot tub with Perry’s character at some point, but it’ll just be nice for Studio 60 die-hards to see the guys who played Important Comedy Writers Matt Albie and Bradley Whitford together again. Beware, writers of Go On, if the Bradley Whitford episode doesn’t contain a ton of Studio 60 references, it may trigger a backlash from the legions and legions of Studio 60 fans. You can probably expect Twitter accounts for Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford’s Go On characters to pop up within seconds of the episode airing.

Matt Albie and Danny Tripp, Together Again: Bradley […]