Miley Cyrus Knows a Thing or Two About Crotch-Grabbing

So what happened at the annual semantics experiment known as VH1 Divas, which aired while you were watching Homeland? Well, Adam Lambert sang Madonna’s “Ray of Light”; the assembled starlets paid tribute to Whitney Houston and Donna Summer; and Miley Cyrus got awesomely weird. The video of the performance in question is notable for any number of reasons, including Miley’s hair, which seems to be reverse–Chia Pet status at this point, or the song selection (Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”). But we would like to focus on the moves, because: Yes, that is former Disney star Miley Cyrus grabbing her breast and crotch repeatedly on national television, in fulfillment of teen rebellion prophecy. Keep up the good work, Miley. We are proud of you.

Miley Knows a Thing or Two About Crotch-Grabbing