‘Modern Family’s Ty Burrell Replaces Christoph Waltz in the ‘Muppets’ Sequel

Last month, Inglorious Basterds’ most charismatic Nazi, Christoph Waltz, was in talks to play the villain in the new Muppets movie, but those negotiations have broken down. Now, The Hollywood Reporter says that goofy Modern Family dad Ty Burrell will be taking over the role, that of an evil Interpol agent. Burrell is currently the only human star attached to the movie, but plenty of supporting roles and cameos have yet to be cast. James Bobin and Nick Stoller, who worked on the previous Muppets film, are returning to write the sequel, with Bobin directing this one too. This probably isn’t the first time Ty Burrell and Christoph Waltz have been up for the same part because - let’s face it - they pretty much do the exact same thing. You could cast each of these guys in any of the other one’s roles, and the change in the final movie/film would be unnoticeable.

‘Modern Family’s Ty Burrell Replaces Christoph Waltz […]