Scott Aukerman Finally Explains the Origins of Harris Wittels’s Beloved ‘Jack from the Lumberyard’ Character

“Harris Wittels… asked if he could debut sort of an anti-comedy character. The character was ‘Jack From The Lumberyard,’ and what he wanted to do was play this character and actively try to never say anything funny… which is really difficult as a comedian, because your natural timing takes over, and even if you’re not saying anything funny, the timing can be funny. So it was a really interesting choice for him to try to do something that was never funny and never interesting. That was the other part of it: It could never be interesting… he was talking to Adam Scott at Parks and Recreation, where Harris is a writer… and Adam thought it would be fun to play a character who’s a co-worker at the lumberyard, and they were going to come in and both of them play this really strange game of never saying anything funny.”

- Scott Aukerman talking to The A.V. Club about his favorite episodes of his podcast Comedy Bang! Bang!

Scott Aukerman Finally Explains the Origins of Harris […]