Stephen Colbert Needs Your Help to Become a U.S. Senator

The Tea Party’s Jim DeMint, a Senator from Stephen Colbert’s home state of South Carolina, announced plans to resign from the Senate to work for a conservative think tank yesterday, and just like that, there are already Stephen Colbert Senate rumors (partly fueled by Colbert himself). DeMint’s replacement will be picked by South Carolina Governor (and one-time Colbert Report guest) Nikki Haley, and on his show last night, Colbert asked his viewers to tweet @NikkiHaley to express support for his Senatorial bid with the hashtag #StephenColbert. Prior to Colbert discussing his Senatorial aspirations on his show yesterday, a fan created a Colbert for U.S. Senate website and Twitter account, which have both gained a lot of heat, and major news entities like USA Today and the New York Post had already reported on the matter. One thing’s for sure, if we all tweet at Governor Nikki Haley enough times, she’ll have no chance but to appoint Colbert. That’s how democracy works.

Hit the jump to see Stephen Colbert announce his Senatorial ambitions on last night’s show:

Stephen Colbert Needs Your Help to Become a U.S. […]