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Your Sunday Long Reads: Jerry Seinfeld Obsesses and Quentin Tarantino Takes Revenge Again

Stars including Neil Patrick Harris, Jerry Seinfeld, and Mariah Carey performed for the christening of the new Disney cruise ship, Fantasy, at Pier 88 in New York City on March 1st, 2012. Also in attendance were Nancy Grace, Ty Pennington, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Alan Cummings, etc.
Photo: Brittany Somerset/Corbis

It’s Sunday afternoon — your last chance to read all that stuff you meant to read last week before Monday brings a new deluge of things you will want to read. Below, some of our recommendations:

Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up” by Jonah Weiner (New York Times): Jerry Seinfeld still does stand-up almost every week, and his approach to making jokes has only gotten more obsessive with time.

Quentin Tarantino on Django Unchained: ‘I Cut Their Heads Off. They Grew Another Head, But They Were a Little Traumatized’” by Amos Barshad (Grantland): Are Quentin Tarantino’s revenge fantasies actually movies about shame?

David Chase: ‘I got sidetracked’ by The Sopranos” by Andrew O’Hehir (Salon): At 67 years old, one of TV’s biggest names has become a first-time filmmaker. 

Mel Brooks on how to play Hitler, and how he almost died making Spaceballs” by Steve Heisler (A.V. Club): The comedy legend says he didn’t get into the business to conquer his demons — he just wanted everyone to love him as much as his mom did. 

Players Club” by Rebecca Lemon (Lapham’s Quarterly): Drinking with Shakespeare.

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Sunday Long Reads: Seinfeld and Tarantino