‘The Colbert Report’ Gets a New Head Writer and Producer

A couple of promotions in Colbert Nation this week. Barry Julien, the supervising producer and head writer for The Colbert Report has been promoted to co-executive producer, while staff writer Opus Moreschi (pictured) has taken Julien’s place as head writer. Moreschi, a writer/performer who’s an alumnus of iO West and UCB LA, has been with The Report since 2008. Julien, a Canadian TV writer and former teen standup, has been writing for the show since 2007 and was promoted to head writer in 2009. Host Stephen Colbert has the highest title attainable on The Colbert Report, so, unlike these guys, he won’t be getting a promotion anytime soon. That is unless he pulls off winning a South Carolina Senate seat, which would definitely be a move up.

‘The Colbert Report’ Gets a New Head Writer and […]