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Can You Guess Which Character’s Facial Hair This Is?

To answer the Rent question “How do you measure, measure a year?”, in 2012 it seems fair to do it by facial-hair length. In our post–Ron Swanson popular culture, where face-based displays of manliness are celebrated, some combination of beard, mustache, muttonchop, and/or soul patch were everywhere this year. From the face bushes of Lincoln to the loop-the-loop ‘staches of The Hobbit’s dwarves to the pageantry of Whisker Wars, there seemed to be a contest going as to who could out-chin who. How well have you been keeping track of all the year’s facial hair? Can you tell a TV star’s luscious face locks from those of a movie’s supporting character? Or do you just assume everyone is Mandy Patinkin? Hir-suit up for our quiz and see if you can face (-shul hair) the music. The chin music! Beards! (Click on the photos to reveal to whom each given beard belongs.)

Can You Guess Whose Facial Hair This Is?