Exclusive First Look: Watch Chris Pratt Interview the Parks and Rec Crew

Photo: NBC

Now that Chris Pratt has all but hit his goal weight of 300 pounds, his Parks and Recreation overlords have given him a new project: interviewing all the fine people who work behind-the-scenes to make Pawnee our favorite Indiana town to visit on Thursday nights. (Sorry, Muncie!) In the first episode of his new web series “Hangin’ With the Crew,” Pratt chats with makeup artist Autumn Butler, who was once asked to cover up pimples on someone’s butt for a tight shot on a show. Pratt’s great follow-up: How many pimples were there? (Butler doesn’t name names but based on her IMDB page our guess as to whose butt she’s talking about is Nip/Tuck’s Julian McMahon, based on frequency of butt shots alone.) At the end of each segment, Pratt tries his hand at his subject’s job. Check out the first installment of “Hangin’ With the Crew” here:

Watch Chris Pratt Chat Up the Parks and Rec Crew