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Smurf 2 Trailer: Smurfs Smurf Again

The Smurfs are smurf, and they’re ready to smurf the smurf. Also back, and wearing a sharp white suit, is Neil Patrick Harris (fresh off getting ensmurfed to Smurfin on How I Met Your Smurfer). This time, evil Gargamel (played by Hank Azaria in makeup that kind of makes him look like F. Murray Abraham) has created naughty Smurf-like creatures named Naughties. Besides looking like they just stumbled out of Lollapalooza ‘96, their plan is to turn Smurfette (Katy Perry) naughty. Shenanigans will ensue on July 31, 2013, and in 3-D (or Smurf-D or 3-Smurf?).

Watch the Smurfing Smurf 2 Trailer