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Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser: Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine Stare (and Star) Each Other Down

It’s hard to glean too much information from this teaser for J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek Into Darkness, other than that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a bad guy, the whole gang is back, and at one point Captain Kirk will be on a planet with pretty red plants. Otherwise, it’s a jumble of carnage, people walking with futuristic guns, and Inception horns. (BRAAAAAM!) In the movie, the Enterprise is called back home to find and stop the super-powerful villain (C-batch), who, as he says in this teaser, has returned to have his vengeance. (No one ever returns in these movies just to say hello or have a snack — it’s always vengeance.) The movie comes out in May of next year, but until then, are you sufficiently teased?

Watch the Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser