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The Place Beyond the Pines Trailer: Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper Fight for Our Love

Ever since Bradley Cooper’s controversial claiming of the Sexiest Man Alive title in 2011, people have been pitting him against Ryan Gosling, but finally, with The Place Beyond the Pines, we will have a real victor. Both play characters (Cooper as the rookie cop and Gosling as the motorcycle-riding bank robber) operating out of love for their sons and significant others (Rose Bryne and Eva Mendes, respectively), and have enough ambiguity to have us rooting for both. Gosling might get a leg up from director-writer Derek Cianfrance, whom he worked with on Blue Valentine. (Also, Gosling did many of his own stunts, which is damn cool.) Well, the motorcycle and cop-car rubber will meet the road on March 29 — whoever makes it out alive will be the early front-runner for 2013’s sexiest alive man (while the other will be the front-runner for sexiest dead man).

Watch the The Place Beyond the Pines Trailer