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To the Wonder Trailer: Ben Affleck Loves Rachel McAdams and Olga Kurylenko and Not Speaking

Terrence Malick sure can make a Terrence Malick movie. Back in November, Ben Affleck described the film as a “tone poem” and it appears he was right on the money. Generally, the film revolves around Javier Bardem as a priest and a love triangle involving a womanizing Ben Affleck, his childhood sweetheart (Rachel McAdams), and his French girlfriend (Olga Kurylenko); however, considering that most of Affleck’s dialogue was cut, don’t expect the film to be as traditional as it sounds (also don’t expect to see Michael Sheen and Rachel Weisz). What you can expect are a lot more close-ups of people touching hands, sad shots of characters standing wordlessly indoors, some Twilight-esque new-agey voice-over, and scenes in which actors just walk around in nature — it’s a Terrence Malick film, you know the drill. To the Wonder premieres Stateside on April 12, which gives you four months to get yourself in the necessary right headspace.

Watch the Trailer for Malick’s To the Wonder