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Last Night on Late Night: What Makes Zachary Quinto Exude Serial Killer?

Last night on Conan, Zachary Quinto, two-time serial killer in a TV series (Heroes and now American Horror Story), gave away the secret to his way-too-convincing murderous look: his dark bushy brows angled just so. Plus: Stephen Colbert expressed his beef with Gandalf a.k.a. Sir Ian McKellan. “My fear is that you don’t just make gay seem acceptable, which I got my own problems with,” Colbert pointed out, “You make it seem heroic.” Well, fear some more, because there will be a sequel, promised McKellen, in which “Gandalf the Gay” cavorts with “his favorite dwarf.” Also, an all-star version of “Guess That Tune” had Keira Knightley, Dave Matthews, Michael Bublé, and Jimmy Fallon scrambling to play children’s songs on bizarre instruments including a teeny-tiny harmonica; and Jon Stewart ragged on the Christmas coaster “book” that Denis Leary had “written.” Watch the compilation to see what you missed.

What Makes Zachary Quinto Exude Serial Killer?