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After Earth Teaser: Will and Jaden Smith vs. Earth

First: Aww, Will Smith is in a movie with his son. They should’ve titled it I Am Legend and You Also Am Legend, because it’s the Smiths versus the world — and that world is Earth! Set 1,000 years after humans left Earth, the film shows why humans left earth: Everything is trying to kill us. Jaden Smith is the star, with papa Smith mostly there to train him to take on all these future creatures and say the word “danger” funny. Directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan (with some polishing by Stephen Gaghan), After Earth is coming out next summer. Little did Shyamalan know, he could’ve just shot Will and Jaden Smith hanging on set, being cool, and we all would’ve seen it in theaters twice.

Will Smith and Son in theAfter Earth Trailer