Yes, Bobby Moynihan Will Be in Vince Vaughn’s Sperm Donor Comedy

SNL favorite Bobby Moynihan just joined the cast of Vince Vaughn’s new sperm donor comedy, The Delivery Man, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Moynihan will be playing Vaughn’s brother in the movie, an American remake of a hit French-Canadian comedy called Starbuck, about a guy who has fathered 533 kids via sperm donation and has his life turned - get this - upside down when a few hundred of his children ask their biological father to step up and reveal his identity. The movie is being written and directed by Ken Scott, the writer/director of the French-Canadian original. Moynihan joins a supporting cast that also includes Colbie Smulders as Vince Vaughn’s pregnant girlfriend and Chris Pratt as his lawyer. As reported a few months back, this is a part that Chris Pratt is gaining 65 pounds to play. No word yet on whether or not Bobby Moynihan will be required to go through an elaborate body transformation for his role.

Yes, Bobby Moynihan Will Be in Vince Vaughn’s Sperm […]