A Funny Thing: Diana Spechler Swears That’s Not Her Blood, but it Totally Is

Our story this week: Diana Spechler was really just one of the guys, perfectly content to hang in the dorm, get high, and pine for Thai food. Until one awkward night when the inner lining of her uterus lept out of her and smack into a bravura performance of unwavering denial. Not even the golden Buddha is safe from this Lady.

Diana Spechler is a four-time MOTH StorySlam winner and author of the novels Skinny and Who By Fire. She has written for the New York TimesGQEsquireNew YorkParis ReviewSelf, Details, the Wall Street Journal, SalonSlate, and elsewhere. She teaches writing in New York City.

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A Funny Thing: Diana Spechler Swears That’s Not Her […]