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Last Night on Late Night: Adam Scott Dressed Up for the Jerk Circle That Is Awards Season

Last night on Conan, Adam Scott dressed up très swanky for the occasion — not for the interview but for the Academy Awards season. “Because at any moment, I can be asked to present something or be nominated for something — neither of which has happened,” Scott pronounced, especially that last part. And besides, “there’s only a five-month period every year where Hollywood gets to stand around in a circle and jerk each other off.” Ooh. Plus: Alison Brie went on the Late Show bearing both good and bad news. First, the unsurprising but still disappointing: “The fate of [Community] is still in the balance, so we don’t know if we’re going to come back for a fifth season.” And, the good: Chevy Chase had taken Brie out for a daredevil joyride around the Paramount lot on a golf cart, and neither a truck nor the subsequent broken driver’s seat mirror dampened his spirit. Also, Lance Armstrong had dissed Charlie Sheen at a party once so the actor came back swinging on the Tonight Show — “Go get a paper route, dude.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Adam Scott Dressed Up for the Oscars Jerk Circle