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Last Night on Late Night: How Allison Williams Imagines Her Dad Would Read Her Obituary on Nightly News

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Allison Williams confessed a morbid obsession with how her dad, Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, would deliver her obituary. “In entertainment news tonight, we lost one of our own,” she stated aloud in her anchor-ly voice. “[She] was tragically killed in a plane crash. (Apparently, this is how her death plays out over and over in her head.) …  She will be missed. [Pause.] We’ll be right back with more news about how you could save on your heart medication.” And on his part, Jimmy Kimmel quickly changed the subject, “Wow, so, uh, this Girls is your first acting job.” Plus: Heidi Klum reprised her Golden Globes tabletop dancing on top of Jay Leno’s desk; and Workaholics’s Blake Anderson performed “Straight Outta Mordor,” his rap about wizards. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Allison Williams Obituary As Read by Her Dad