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Last Night on Late Night: Anne Hathaway Explained Her Les Miz Blooper

Last night on the Daily Show, Anne Hathaway nearly cried with laughter as she recounted a major blooper during Jean Valjean’s death scene in Les Miserables. Apparently, she had dove under the camera for cinematic effect only to trip on her ghost costume. But she still attempted to play it cool. “I tried to sing, and I can’t,” she told Jon Stewart between breaths, “And Amanda’s hugging Eddie, and she’s just like ‘What the fuck is going on?’” There was another take that didn’t make the cut. Fantine’s experimental “I Dreamed a Dream” delivery from inside a coffin. Oh, that “lighthearted” Tom Hooper. Plus: News of a Kim-Ye, Jr. hit Betty White with shock, then opprobrium. “What??” she exclaimed. “Oh boy, she really screwed herself out of a career!’” Also, Jessica Chastain cracked from David Letterman’s interrogation over a potential Zero Dark Thirty confidentiality breach — “David! What are you doing to me?” — and Courtney Cox is definitely, definitely sticking to her cleavage M.O., which is  likely helping her extreme sex drive. And finally, a quick hat tip to Jimmy Kimmel’s “Farewell to Midnight” special, which delightfully reminded us of the coup d’état at the Handsome Men’s Club and Sarah Silverman’s adulterous sex with Matt Damon. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Anne Hathaway Explained Her Les Miz Blooper