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It’s Not Your Imagination — All of the Women on The Bachelor Have the Same Name

Photo: ABC

A seventeenth season of The Bachelor commenced last night. And while watching these lifelike simulations of women introduce themselves, we were struck by the chronic sameness of everyone on this show. Not just in mien and internal blankness, but in name: There are three women named Ashley this season (well, one is named AshLee); a Leslie and a Lesley; and the Bachelor-required person named Kristy. We dug through the names of all the women who have appeared on The Bachelor since 2002 and discovered that the repetition isn’t in our heads.

By far, the most popular name for a Bachelor contestant is something in the Christine/Kristen family: There have been 24 such contestants:  Christina, Christine, Christy, Cristina, Cristy, Kirsten, Kristen, Kristi, Kristie, Kristin, Kristina, Kristy, and Krysta — plus a Krisily. And a Christi Diane.

Among the 419 women who have appeared on The Bachelor (which does not include the first 10 women eliminated on the first episode in 2002), there have been many repeated names. These were the most common:

  • Jen/Jenny/Jenna/Jennifer: 11
  • Cathy/Catherine/Kate/Katheryn/Kathy: 10
  • Sarah/Sara: 10
  • Ashley/AshLee/Ashlee/Ashleigh/Ashley: 10
  • Lindsay/Lindsey/Lindzi/Lyndey: 8
  • Jessica: 7
  • Stephanie: 6 (plus a Stephy)
  • Amanda: 6
  • Amber: 6
  • Elizabeth: 6
  • Erin: 6
  • Heather: 6
  • Kim/Kimberly: 6
  • Lisa: 6 (plus a Liza)
  • Amy: 5
  • Emily/Emilie: 5
  • Michelle/Michele: 5

There are 52 A names, 47 K names, 39 J names, 28 M names. A Blakeney, a Blakeley, a Shira, a Shiloh, a Shawn, a Shawntel, Tauni, Tenley, Tiana, Tierra, Trista, Valishia, Vienna — well, you get the point.

All the Women on The Bachelor Have the Same Name