golden globes 2013

The Best Frozen Moments From the 2013 Golden Globes

Photo: NBC

Last night’s Golden Globes went by in a flurry of chuckles, tears, and talent agent thank-yous. The show had everything: people looking great, perfect hosts, amazing (in every sense of the word) speeches, hilarious fake mustaches, hilarious real mustaches, and Bill Freakin’ Clinton. And the movie, TV, and TV-movie stars loved (mostly) every minute of it. How could we tell? Just look at their overdramatic facial expressions and body language! (Save Tommy Lee Jones, who exclusively expressed, “When can I get out of here?”) Some tried to be funny, others were accidentally so, but either way, it was all worth screen-grabbing and remembering forever. Click on to see the most memorable frozen moments of the evening.

Best Frozen Moments From the 2013 Golden Globes