Watch Glee’s Chris Colfer Flip Out on Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland in Struck by Lightning

Glee star Chris Colfer wrote and stars in Struck by Lightning, an indie coming-of-age movie about a high-school student so desperate to pad his college application that he resorts to blackmail to convince his classmates to contribute to the school literary magazine. (Vulture can vouch that this is truly the only way to get people to contribute to such endeavors.) The movie opens January 11 and is currently available on VOD, but Sunday night a bunch of theaters are hosting previews that include a simulcast Q&A with Colfer*. In this clip, Colfer and his sidekick, played by Rebel Wilson, dress down the popular cheerleader, played by Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland. Seriously guys, is it so hard to just write a short story or a few poems or something?

* This post has been corrected to note that the live Q&A is just with Colfer, not the rest of the cast.

See Chris Colfer Go Off in Struck by Lightning