‘C’mon’ Video: Ke$ha Gets Felt Up by Party Furries

An incomplete and in no way judge-y list of Ke$ha’s sexual partners in the video for “C’mon”: furries (and not the tame, human-faced, just-gonna-slap-some-embarrassing-squirrel-ears-on-my-band-members-style furries from Taylor Swift’s last video, either — these are the real deal); a giant toothbrush (responsible dental hygiene does not preclude sensual pleasure, apparently); the mattress of her rainbow-painted Dream Maker van; a bar of soap. There are also probably at least four ghosts in there, but you know how tricky it is to film a ghost — especially when you’ve got kittens and Cool Owls and rainbow thunderstorms in the mix. Ghosts, if you’re reading this, let us know in the comments.

‘C’mon’ Video: Ke$ha Gets Felt Up by Furries