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Courteney Cox Will Be Naked a Lot in the New Season of Cougar Town

Photo: ABC

See that photo on the left? There will be plenty more where that came from. Cougar Town returns Tuesday on a new network, TBS, and with a pledge to goose ratings with more flesh. Yes, Cox will tempt new viewers with her breasts, and she has declared the upcoming fourth season the Year of the Cleavage. “You will not see one scene in which I don’t show my boobs,” she told reporters Friday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “I’m getting older, so I’ve decided less focus on my face and more focus on the boobs. By the time I’m much older, I will be absolutely nude.” These are not empty promises, dear reader. Later in the season, Jules and Grayson will enact Naked Day, a story inspired by the real-life experiment of new showrunner Rick Swartzlander and his girlfriend. There’s just one problem. “There’s only one spot in the house where the light comes in from all angles,” Cox said. “You step out of it? Disgusting.” Set those DVRs!

Courteney Cox Promises More Boobs on Cougar Town